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Cleopatra's mummy has not been found, but you can bet she prepared herself for the afterlife and reincarnation



LOOK AFTER YOURSELF - It is possible to live a long and healthy life eating fruits, nuts and grain with fish included to increase protein intake and variety. In our modern world we might expect to live to 100 years and more, by watching our diets and exercising regularly.





You may think that you take life and healthy living seriously. But what about the ancient Egyptians? They believed in the afterlife and prepared themselves for death with elaborate funeral preparations and tombs, like the pyramids. They even had 'solar boats.' In preparing for life after death, the Pharaohs thought they could cheat death and live forever in a second life protected by Anubis.


We know that is a reach too far for most of us. In any event, who can afford to build a pyramid? But we can regain some of our youth and energy by eating well and taking regular exercise. We can rekindle our former selves, or reincarnate ourselves, while still alive to tell the tale.




Sophia Boutella is brilliant as the ancient Egyptian mummy that is reinacarnated



SOPHIA BOUTELLA - Is an acrobat and dancer who starred with Tom Cruise in a 2017 remake of 'The Mummy' a different take on the traditional genre. Ms Boutella was excellent as the reincarnated mummy, trapped in mercury, and buried in the desert for all eternity, until a random missile strike uncovered her resting place.




We are what we eat. Thus, it is important to eat well, partaking of good foods, minerals, vitamins and when necessary for a boost, supplements. Taken as part of a controlled diet, the correct balance of nutrients are sure to help you enjoy more of life, than if you'd not sought to correct any underlying deficiencies.


The global anti-aging market is worth $58 billion dollars, proof that we are not alone in caring about being youthful and healthier, for longer. There may be no life after death, but you can turn the clock back a little, and enjoy more of time on our precious blue planet, than if you'd not taken the time to see what you may be missing.








Pescetarians seafood diets are healthier than red meat




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