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STARVATION - It is a shocking fact that millions of human die each year from starvation. This equates to roughly 3 million children and 6 million adults. Nine million in total. Every year. That is 25,000 people dying every day from malnutrition. Chew on that!





Climate change is the result of human over-exploitation of natural resources, including the burning of fossil fuels, and the expansion of world population, meaning a rise in agricultural activity to feed the billions of people, many of which starve to death because of food shortages.


Our beautiful blue planet can only support 2.9 billion people, at the present rate of burning fossil fuels to fund our high carbon lifestyles. Even tractors and fishing boats rely on diesel oils, to feed us.


Our cargo and container ships also rely on heavy diesel (bunker) oils to get bananas and coffee to your door, from faraway lands. Beef is transported from Argentina, seafood comes from Asia. The net effect of globalization is to heat the planet.


Even driving your car is pumping out poisonous greenhouse gases into the atmosphere. Unless, you are one of the increasing number of electric vehicle users. Well done if you are : )


Other side effects of fossil fuels, is producers selling it to finance wars. Such and the invasion of the Ukraine by Russia. All funded by oil and gas sales. Potentially, putting the world at risk of annihilation with Vladimir Putin's threats to use nuclear missiles to get his way.


Okay, so that is the bad news. But, everyone can make a difference, if, as it appears, Governments don't seem to be able to govern sustainably, or plan ahead for the inevitable, where they let potential problems go unchecked.


The good news, is that if you look after yourself, by keeping healthy and fit, you are better placed to face problems not of your own making. And, should it come to it, be better prepared for survival.





The production of red meats is the most damaging in terms of global warming, lamb and beef generating the most methane. Vikeen is not trying to force a change to your eating preferences, but it pays to know more about how your eating patterns may affect climate change. So that if given the choice, and the food is tasty and satisfying, that you may want to consider a healthier option, or just varying your choices a little from time to time.


For example, pescetarians live longer, displacing red meat for fish. But fish supplies are declining from overfishing, according to a Report from the Marine Stewardship Council in 2022. We are concerned about Food Security in general, as in making sure there is enough sustainably farmed (and fished) food to feed our global population. Where at the moment deserts are being made of agricultural land, at an alarming rate, according to the United Nations FAO (Food and Agriculture Organization).


Our founder, Terry, is a vegan, imposing more of a challenge on him, in sustaining a healthy regime with sufficient nutrients to remain on top form. Thus, he is in tune with your concerns, whether weaning off meat one day a week, moving to eating more fish, or going veggie. The vegan diet is the most difficult to stay true to. Many people would find that difficult, if not impossible. Terry understands that, but is here to help where he can.














Terry Valeriano, founder of Vikeen Fitness: http://www.vikeenfitness.co.uk/



You don't need weights to regain fitness, but resistance training will more quickly build up your ordinary strength following a period of inactivity. Terry will help you with light exercises and gradually work up to using weights if that is what you'd like. He will also plan a diet that you can live with, whether to gain muscle mass or to lose weight.





When we turn 30, we start to lose muscle mass – as much as 3 to 5 per cent per decade – while our metabolism simultaneously begins slowing down. Regular exercise or strength training can work to counteract this and help to keep age-related weight gain at bay. Turning back the clock, and keeping you more able to deal with just surviving in a modern world.







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A HEALTHIER LIFE - Train to achieve your goals in life. There is no need to go to extremes, just improve your stamina, energy & general outlook on life. Staying healthy by exercising and eating well means a longer active life.









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