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PROFESSIONAL GYM, EASTBOURNE - We don't all have the time to look like the Rock or perform like a gymnast, but with a few minutes a couple of times a week in a gym, or with a personal trainer, you can gain a few years back, look and feel great - and it need not cost the earth. Everyday chores will seem less daunting, because your body will be stronger and more able to cope. This is your local gym in Eastbourne. We also have a mobile app, so that you can be coached in the comfort of your own home.


As an essential trace mineral, cobalt forms an important part of the vitamin called Vitamin B12. Cobalt triggers the release of iron to form haemoglobin, the substance that carries oxygen around the body. It's also thought to be important for infant growth, brain development, the immune system and strong bones.

Vitamin B12 plays a key role in metabolizing folic acids and fatty acids. The human body requires vitamin B12 in small amounts to carry on with its daily activities and bodily maintenance.

Health Benefits of Cobalt

- Facilitates the production of thyroid hormones.
- Decreases the level of cholesterol in the bloodstream.
- Gets involved in enzyme reactions.
- It helps in the growth and development of RNA and DNA.
- It helps the tissues in the bone to grow to their optimal health.
- Aids the production of red blood cells.
- Stimulates activities of white blood cells.

Cobalt & Vitamin C

Several types of research have also found a strong connection between the trace mineral cobalt and vitamin C.

The human body needs a wholesome dose of vitamin C to be present in the system in order to maintain a healthy body. Cobalt has been reported to make use of vitamin C in combination with other vitamins found in green vegetables and citrus fruits to maintain general well-being and to keep deficiency at bay.

Aids Iron Absorption

Iron is one of the most vital nutrients for the human body. The recommended intake of iron depends on age, gender, and health factors, however, without proper absorption there is no use in consuming iron. That’s where cobalt helps.

Studies suggest that cobalt works in conjunction with other nutrients and minerals to help the body absorb iron more efficiently.

Stabilizes Heart Functions

Cobalt has been reported to cause a positive effect on certain vascular processes that are related to cardiological functioning. 

This effect provides a certain amount of stability to cardiovascular processes.

Recommended Cobalt Intake

To date (May 2022), there has been no definite RDA established on the grounds of the amount of cobalt to be consumed. However, several health experts recommend that every adult above the age of 18 should follow an intake limit to 1.5 µg of vitamin B12 on a daily basis and a 2.4 µg daily intake limit is recommended for adolescents. Excessive cobalt deficiency can lead to several health complications.

What foods contain cobalt?

Vegetables – Onions, potato, beetroot, cabbage, garlic, spinach, corn, radish, cucumber, carrots, lettuce.

Legumes & Whole Grains – Oats, green peas, lentils, cereal, barley particles, and semolina.

Fruits – Berries that include cranberry and strawberry, pear, grapes, and apricot.

Animal Products – Organs like liver, heart, and kidney, dairy products like yogurt and sour cream, and poultry include eggs.

Seafood – Squid, canned fish, lobster, mackerel, etc.










Vitamins are also essential to good health and a longer life, and supplements can help you maintain a higher level of fitness, when combined with a nutritional diet. Whether you are omnivorous, pescatarian, vegetarian or vegan.


It is usually better to get the nutrients you need from food, rather than a pill. That’s because nutrient-dense foods contain other things that are good for you, like fiber.

Most older adults can get all the nutrients they need from foods. But if you aren’t sure, always talk with your doctor or a registered dietitian to find out if you are missing any important vitamins or minerals. Your doctor or dietitian may recommend a vitamin or dietary supplement.

It’s important to be aware that some supplements can have side effects, such as increasing the risk of bleeding after an injury or changing your response to anesthesia during surgery. Supplements can also interact with some medicines in ways that might cause problems. For example, vitamin K can reduce the ability of the common blood thinner warfarin to prevent blood from clotting. If you do need to supplement your diet, your doctor or pharmacist can tell you what supplements and doses are safe for you.

When looking for supplements to buy, you may feel overwhelmed by the number of choices at the pharmacy or grocery store. Look for a supplement that contains the vitamin or mineral you need without a lot of other unnecessary ingredients. Read the label to make sure the dose is not too large. Avoid supplements with megadoses. Too much of some vitamins and minerals can be harmful, and you might be paying for supplements you don’t need. Your doctor or pharmacist can recommend brands that fit your needs.




Terry Valeriano, founder of Vikeen Fitness: http://www.vikeenfitness.co.uk/



You don't need weights to regain fitness, but resistance training will more quickly build up your ordinary strength following a period of inactivity. Terry will help you with light exercises and gradually work up to using weights if that is what you'd like. He will also plan a diet that you can live with, whether to gain muscle mass or to lose weight.





When we turn 30, we start to lose muscle mass – as much as 3 to 5 per cent per decade – while our metabolism simultaneously begins slowing down. Regular exercise or strength training can work to counteract this and help to keep age-related weight gain at bay. Turning back the clock. But there is little point in exercising to stay fit without a balanced and healthy diet. Training can be at home with an online coaching app.







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A HEALTHIER LIFE - Train to achieve your goals in life. There is no need to go to extremes, just improve your stamina, energy & general outlook on life. Staying healthy by exercising and eating well means a longer active life.








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